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The First Data-Centric
AI Platform

AI-Powered Business Intelligence

- The Perfect Combination for Insights -

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Data-Centric Business Intelligence

  • Reduce Costs of data teams by 40%

  • Create new products 80% faster

  • Designed for Human-in-the-Loop Validation

  • Easily Augment and Automate decisions

  • Experiment faster than ever before

Cloud Analytics Modernization

Work Across Data Silos

Forecastagility has the most connectivity of any platform, including legacy platforms

Data Integration &

Everything you Need in One Tool

Create workflows to load, transform, and enhance data.

Automate your decisions and be notified with items that need your attention.

Data Science Acceleration

Distill Patterns and Insights  No-Code AutoML does all the model tuning so you have the optimal models

All In your web browser!

Iterative Intelligence

Create Citizen Data Scientists each utilizing the latest in ML and AI.
AI as part of the BI application with a focus on usability and intuitive workflows uncovers new opportunities and optimizes operations.

Why Forecastagility?

Aritificial Intelligence that's as easy to use as your favorite spreadsheet

Streamline your data preparation processes and and minimize switching between data applications.


Forecastagility’s powerful grid interface is as user-friendly and powerful as a spreadsheet, even with Big Data over 1MM rows.

Dr. Vaibhav Kumar

Sr Director

Association of Data Scientists

BI tools haven’t really been able to replace Excel because analysts complete their initial set-up of data on it. Whenever we preprocess data, we upload it on Excel before working on Tableau or Power BI.

Andrew Ng

Founder of

Google Brain

Being able to get things to work with small data, with good data, rather than just a giant dataset, that would be key to making these algorithms work.


Future of Low Code Technologies

By 2024, hyper-automation functionality will be the dominant competitive differentiator...
Abstract Futuristic Background

New Generation of BI
Powered by AI

Forecastagility  the next-generation of BI platform, powered by AI.


The platform makes it easy for business analysts and data-savvy creatives to consume complex data and automate decisions. By focusing on the Human in the Loop, we can observe and learn from user's day to day interactions to help them automate decisions.

According to Mckinsey, modern white-collar jobs can automate at least 30% of their work. However, recording automations and APIs barely scratch the surface.


The solution is to incorporate AI into operational data workflows in use by thousands of professionals today. Even with ChatGPT, there is a long way to go to apply cutting-edge AI in automating complex tasks and current solutions require heavy services and implementations, making them inaccessible to smaller organizations and non-technical users.

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